Semi Electric Homecare Bed

The Medacure Semi Electric Homecare bed is lightweight and easy to install. 2 Function electric bed, hand pendant raises the head and foot of the bed. The mattress deck has reinforced steel slats for safety and comfort with built in mattress keepers. Bed ends have a stylish walnut finish. Includes emergency hand crank in case of power failure. Full or Half rails included.

Model # HCSE36 Semi Electric
  • Sturdy 2 piece reinforced tubular deck

  • Built-in emergency hand crank lowers and raises the bed

  • 4 x 3” castors – 2 locking and 2 swivel

  • Durable and washable bed ends

  • Bed Dimensions: 86” L x 36” W x 15” – 23” H

  • Mattress retainer holds mattress firmly in place

  • Side rails – Full or Half Rail optional


Function Specification
Pendant 4 Function Electric – Head – Up/Down, Foot – Up/Down
Mattress Deck Dimensions 15”
Low range 23″
High range 0 – 70 Degrees
Head angle 0 – 45 Degrees
Foot angle 80″ L X 36″ W
Castors 4 x 4” Castors, 2 Locking / 2 Swivel
Weight capacity 450 Lbs.
Warranty 5 Years on frame; 1 Year on electronics
Parts List
Part # Description
12L2‐01‐MCOO‐07 6 Function Electric – Hi/Lo, Head – Up/Down, Foot – Up/Down
12L2‐01‐MCOO‐08 Gear box – Foot
12L3‐02‐MCOO‐02 Motor box
12L2‐03‐MCOO‐01 Drive shaft
12L2‐02‐MCOO‐02 Hand pendant
1310‐00‐00‐MCOO‐01 Full length side rails – pair
1318‐00‐00‐MCOO‐02 Half length side rails – pair
12L2‐01‐MCOO‐01 Bed end – Head
12L2‐01‐MCOO‐02 Bed end – Foot
12L2‐01‐MCOO‐03 Castor locking
12L2‐01‐MCOO‐04 Castor non locking
Product Brochure
Owner's Manual