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Air Wave
Alternating Pressure
with Low Air Loss

Advanced wound care treatment with combination Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss therapy. 8” high replaceable mattress system with easy to use dial that requires absolute zero training to operate - a caregivers dream system! Fluid resistant, nylon quilted cover with snap-in/snap-out replaceable cells.

Model # AW7000

Comfort Zone CZ36
Alternating Pressure
with Low Air Loss

The Comfort Zone mattress series combines alternating pressure and low air loss for effective treatment, prevention and management of Stage IV wounds. 8" high therapeutic support mattress replacement system has a cell-on-cell design that prevents bottoming out in case of a power outage. The digital pump is easy to operate and allows the caregiver to set the pressure by firmness or patients weight. Available in standard 80" long or 84" extra long for the tall patient.

Model Description Dimensions
CZ36 Standard Length 80" X 36" X 8"
CZ3684 Extra Long 84" X 36" X 8"
CZ36-BIP Built In Perimeter 80" X 36" X 8"

Comfort Zone
Defined Air Perimeter
Standard and Bariatric

The Comfort Zone advanced mattress and pump system is also available with a built-in air perimeter. The built in air bolsters protect patients from falls and have a 10 second quick inflate/deflate function. Midway transfer section for easy patient egress & ingress. Includes all of the features and functions of the Comfort Zone series plus the added built-in air perimeter system.

Model # Dimensions
CZ36-BIP 36”W X 80”L X 8”H
CZ42-BIP 42”W X 80”L X 10”H
CZ48-BIP 48”W X 80”L X 10”H

Alternating Pressure with Low Air Loss

Provides excellent wound care therapy with a combination of Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss. 20 air cells with 17 alternating pressure cells and 9 low air loss cells, Oasis is designed to be used in the prevention, treatment and management of pressure ulcers. Includes snap-in/snap-out replaceable cells.

Model # OS200-C